Self-talk in one positive tool towards good Self-esteem.

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Several times during a day we talk to ourselves, Yes! Self-talk is what I mean here. 

How do you talk to yourself? Are they mostly corrections, “ I will wake up 15 minutes early tomorrow and not be clumsy as today!” or are they general talks, “ I will wake up 15 minutes early tomorrow.”

The idea is to keep a check on the internal dialogue. 

  • What are you telling yourself? 
  • Why are such thoughts appearing?
  • Do you believe in what that self-talk?
  • How much of truth is there in those negative strokes?
  • Find out why are you hesitant to talk to yourself positively? 
  • Why is there a delay in complimenting self ? 

Is there any sense of denial of feelings or acceptance of events? You can keep a check on the same. I would recommend journaling of thoughts, feelings and actions and also note down the dialogues used by you to YOURSELF?

Please remember that YOU are IMPORTANT! How you speak to yourself matters, how you see yourself matters and self-talk in one positive tool towards good self-esteem. 

I conduct Know Yourself workshop for teenagers and adults.

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