Relocating with kids to a new country

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Relocating for a job with kids to a new country is a premeditated process. If you have decided to move, the toughest decision is already made. Seeing your family happy is such a gift. But time demands movement and if you are relocating to a different country, you will need to do a lot of spadework. Wellness will follow, albeit it will call for a few adjustments. But well begun is half done!

A recount of a parent who moved to USA is enlightening. She says, “Relocating to a foreign country for better job opportunities is a big step for a young family. To make a new life away from family and friends back home is difficult. It is a major period of adjustments, compromises and heartbreak for sure. It was easy when we did not have kids. But with the kids, relocation means doing a lot research. We are lucky as our parents’ visit us often and this helps us connect to our roots. Moreover, both our kids are now very well settled and we have wonderful neighbors and amenities like the easy commute, accessible Indian stores, zero pollution, community library, massive parks and a swimming pool”.

Shailaja Menon moved to India from her home in Kenya. She says, “The biggest thing for us was leaving our friends and family.  I had a strong bond with close knit family friends. To take it away from Keya was very a big decision. The challenge was also about pollution. The positive thing about relocating back is finding a good school, blending with our traditions, being blessed with a great house help and exploring a job opportunity that fitted my skill sets. In fact, Keya loved celebrating Holi. ”

Moving with kids checklist:

  • Understand the weather and climatic conditions. Relocating from a different climate to another is a huge adjustment for all of you. Evaluate health and climate well especially for younger children.
  • Language and culture has to be understood. Though English is a universal language, learning the local lingo helps you sail through. Enrol in an online class and add another feather on your cap. Kids usually pick a language soon.
  • Deciding on your child’s education is a priority. If you have decided on a location be it downtown or also suburb, the search is easy.
  • The second big decision is about renting an apartment or to buy a house. Financial evaluation is important.
  • Find out the amenities provided by the city and this includes transport, house help, Indian stores, accessibility. Do a research about online marts, paediatricians, hospitals and also a dentist. These seem elementary but will help you during an emergency.
  • Above all, prepare your children well in advance. Show them interesting places, pictures and also their relatives. You know very well in your heart that it will take time for them to adjust. For you too! Slowly it will blend well.



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