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Handwriting is the mirror of the soul. Graphology is the study of writing of an individual which depicts his/her mind. Be it resentment, confidence, good listening skills, jealousy, adamant nature, all this is seen in a child’s handwriting. Where does it all come from? Though you must have as a parent got the best study desk installed, writing instruments as well as invested time in helping the child practice writing, there is something that is missing. A good handwriting is pleasing to the eye, but what really matters is the imbibing the art of formation of alphabets, adequate spacing and slant of the letters.

With the modern trend of watsapp and social media, typing is learnt very early by children. The need to improve handwriting is limited to school or college performance and exams. What actually is required is to improve handwriting for improving the personality.

Have you noticed alphabets similar to this (indicated on the LEFT) in your child’s handwriting?

The alphabets indicated  on the right are desirable.

Is you child dishonest? Has your child started being extremely hostile? Is she low in self esteem? Grapho analysis points out to the problems in parenting. If certain hooks, loops, knots or slants are avoided there can be a massive shift in the personality of the parent, thereby imbibing cool parenting skills and the result is evident in the child. Thus making subtle changes in the alphabets goes a long way in improving self assurance, confidence, openness, respect and integrity in the child. Graphology is an excellent tool in counselling and addresses problems in parenting and child quite effectively.

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