Microbreaks with your family

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Microbreaks with your family is a fantastic way to bond, relax, and create lasting memories.

Hope these pointers are helpful :

Plan Ahead:  Plan a mini outing, staycation and inform all in advance. Check out assignments turn in dates for your kids and make it easy with a good plan.

Disconnect: Encourage everyone to disconnect from their devices during the microbreaks. This is the best spa for the mind.

Explore Nature: They say we ignore places close to our proximity and postpone visiting them. Break this practice by finding out areas which you can visit as a family.

Bond with games : Bring along board games, card games, or sports equipment for some friendly competition.

Cook Together: Cooking or baking as a family is a rewarding experience. Also, works great to neutralize gender roles and also teach your kids a skill or two in culinary arts.

Have a lazy noon time : With chatting or story narration. This is a great way to  connect with each other and pass down family traditions.

Self care with learning a new skill: Consider taking a short class or workshop together. Whether it’s art, dance, or a craft, learning something new as a family can be very fulfilling.

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