Instilling humility in the early years .

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There is No better time than today, there is no better time like NOW! 

While many parents review their parenting styles frequently, often the issue is that the child has developed an attitude. With parents wondering where it came from or what went wrong in parenting, one needs to understand that children go through various influences in life.  Peer pressure adds to this. For example, A mellow child is suddenly acting out and this is unacceptable to the family. To subdue it, there are various methods employed by parents to counter act this behaviour. This is a tough time not only for parents but also for the child. 

Humility is imbibed at an early stage. They remain the roots for an individual.

Few tips to instill humility:

  1. Charity begins at home. In my opinion, it begins on the dinner table and also near the washing machine. Allow your child to help you at an early age. Let them sort the laundry, help them in drying or folding. This is an important life skill which makes them more responsible. At the dinner table, keep a limited quantity of a favourite meal especially a dessert or an accompaniment. It will be more valued when shared. 
  2. Let the child see you as the role model. You may not be an animal lover or you may be petrified of birds. But speak well of the strays and pets. Do not instill fear or condemn the animals in front of the child. Make sure that the child understands that an animal is also a living being.
  3. Donate whole heartedly. The child is always watching us as to how we give alms without allowing the ragged seeker touch our palms, Or if you have given any torn clothes as hand-me-downs to your helper. Dignity is learnt in such small measures. Be kind, respect life!
  4. Being secular. This is one sensitive topic. Parents remain role models here. Be it food, clothing, religious days or places of visit, teach the child about humanity. This helps the child respect all religions and they believe in inclusion at a very early age.

Ajay Singh says, ‘ At our home, we celebrate Hindu and Jain festivals with pomp. The yearly Ganesh festival coincides with the Paryushan event

( Jigisha – my wife is a Jain). The best part is Karan Singh – our son has learnt to manage both the events so well that we balance everything from going to the Derasur, the Ganesh aarti, Prasad and the constant visits of devotees.

Don’t brag about the bag. Let your child understand that the branded bag is something you have earned while going up in life. Let them value simple things too. A mix of both worlds is the best solution here. 

Social media – Not everything thing you do, needs social media validation. Treasure the special moments. Value that everything cannot be captured in a picture. Savor each moment about nature, family and friends. 

Equality – Like charity, this too begins at home. There are no boy chores or girl chores. There are only helping hands. Help each other as it creates a strong bond and also makes one independent in many ways. It bolsters the self esteem. 

There will be moments when your child refrains from the ideologies taught by you. Sit them down, make time and ensure that life is about happiness and humility never goes out of style. It is perfectly fine if the child realizes on his/her own. Allow them time and treat them with compassion. Life is beautiful.

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