Ensure your childs’ mental health – Change the Why to What.

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Ensure your childs’ mental health

As much as we concentrate on new ways to improve our child’s food habits and ensure he/she gets all the minerals and vitamins, it is equally important to acknowledge that the mental health of an individual is also essential for a full life. It is best to begin when the child is young and also have a welcoming atmosphere at home, so that the child opens up to you as a caregiver with all his/her concerns, ambitions, fears and also accomplishments. 

10thOctober is observed as the mental health day and let it not be restricted to JUST one day. Make small investments to better and build your child’s mental health everyday. When the discussion and deliberation changes from Why to What, there is scope for creating a happy atmosphere for every child. E.g. Change the question from WHY the child is behaving in a particular manner to What is bothering the child.

Few tips towards ensuring your child’s mental health :

  1. Spend time with your child without distractions.
  2. Celebrate milestones.
  3. Show them what is healthy competition.
  4. Watch television together.
  5. Allocate chores and let them do it in their own pace.
  6. Simple outings are a must.
  7. Help, suggest but do not decide everything for them.
  8. Allow mistakes to happen, be there as a guide.
  9. Recognise stress, overeating, less eating and also changes in sleep patterns.
  10. Check if there are choosing to be isolated.
  11. Check if gadgets are interesting them more than before.
  12. Call their friends and know their friend circle.
  13. Spend but do not overindulge on them as it is habit forming.
  14. Keep telling them ‘YOU ARE IMPORTANT.’

Parenting is a constant learning ground, where we learn new ways to build our communication. Be open to family counselling, child counselling and parent counselling to build a better life and a better world for you and everyone. 

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