Tips to prepare your child for a job interview

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It is quite exciting when a child expresses the desire to explore a career. Wishing all the best for your child also brings with it a new paradigm in your life. While there are pressures of performing at a job interview, one must remember to do the planning well. Here are few tips you can advise your child who is seeking out a job.

  1. Understand the job profile very well so that it suits you and you are competent to fit the requirement.
  2. Update your resume constantly.
  3. Your paper work must be complete. Carry resume in multiples, testimonials only if asked. Carry everything on a pen drive . This adds to your confidence.
  4. Follow the dress code if any. Keep muted tones and wear a confident footwear.
  5. Sleep regime is important and so is a light breakfast before the interview.
  6. As the day approaches, say a fortnight earlier, do deep relaxation exercises. Pranayam.
  7. Visualize yourself at the interview, in the attire, being comfy with the ambience and the temperature, smiling professionally and answering well. Get a gist of job interview questions.
  8. Practice voice modulation before the mirror.
  9. Be crisp and to the point. DO not ramble or have any dramatic expressions. Poise must be your middle name.
  10. Read well and know your field. No one expects you to be a know-it-all.
  11. Use connectives when you speak good English. Google to understand about connectives. They make narration very interesting.
  12. Believe in yourself.
  13. Be aware of recent changes in the area.
  14. Have good eye contact; meeting the eyes of all the people in the panel is important. Practice on a confident posture but not too grim.
  15. It is quite easy because you know you are GOOD.

Sreejit and Aarti Nair are proud parents of Shreya. They advised her, ‘Read up well about the job profile. Be yourself. Stay confident. Make your achievements known to the panel but be humble.’

Good luck to all aspirants on the way forward to an exciting career!

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