Be a Cool parent and Look beyond scores.

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Looking beyond the scores especially when your child has crossed a milestone will make you a COOL parent. The badge of being a ‘cool parent’ comes with lot of acceptance. The intangible reward is contentment and happiness. The results of Board exams is indeed a vexing time for many households. Although marks are never directly proportional to intelligence, many feel it is crucial. So, what if your child has not secured the coveted percentage? Is it time to sulk, look back or workout things in the present scenario?

Parenting is a learning experience and children want a COOL parent. There is indeed a deep awareness in children about the world at large. The pandemic itself was a profound learning ground and there is still much to unlearn as parents. As a psychologist, I plead families to be together with your child. It is good to explain the outcome in a positive way and take it as learning phase instead of validating their fears.

Comparing your child’s score with others will breed resentment and unhappiness. After all, we want a happy child and joy in the family. It is very good to have a sit-down-talk with your child and understand where-to-go with the current percentage. Avoid using the word – low scores and build better esteem by bringing out talents.

We are all talented but at times survival takes precedence and we forget to look for JOY. Herein, it is important to inculcate values of discipline, low screen time and encourage life skills. One of the most important qualities is being street-smart. Understanding opportunities, importance of hard work, empathy, tech skills as well as communication skills is what will bring out an overall personality.

All all times believe and guide your child with whole hearted acceptance.

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