An inspirational story of Priyanka Rodricks ( Tennis player and Baker)

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An inspirational story of Priyanka Rodricks ( Tennis player and Baker)

Priyanka, 22 is a professional tennis player and a Baker. She is the great grand daughter of Mr. Vijay Hazare Sir. With sports in her genes, this multi-talented teenager’s story is one of grit, bravery and resilience. 

Priyanka originally hails from Surat. She narrates her parents used to play some tennis and that’s how she too started understanding the game. Priyanka’s mother, Leena Rodricks played hockey for Vadodara at the state level in the under 19 league. She was always encouraged and admired by my grandmother Sashikala Ranbhise (daughter of Sir Vijay S Hazare) to take tennis professionally. Her father Mr. Deepak Rodricks lends a silent support.

Priyanka mentions, “My foray into tennis was at an early age of 8 but in 2014 it went professional and I trained in Mumbai. Sports is about having a lot of patience and the ability to sustain. It takes a lot of emotional balance and there is a lot of losing to do before the WIN. The most important part of my journey is 2019 where I qualified for the first finale- (pic attached).”

Understanding tennis is one thing and playing it is another game altogether. I am lucky to have my family’s support. My mother Leena Rodricks ( ex- hockey team State level captain) says, “ Put in your 100 percent and learn to relax. Be consistent and that is the mantra for success. Dad and I are always there for you.” Her golden words are etched in my mind, “ Be in the moment, follow your schedule.”

“Though covid was stalling the best efforts of sports persons, things are now opening up from August 2021 and am looking forward to travel and play. Currently, I attend online college as am pursuing BBA and continue my fitness regime. Training usually would take more than 6 hours of my day time.”

“Due to the pandemic, training sessions were cut  though the fitness regime is on. I suddenly started having free day time hours and picked up baking as a hobby. I have always loved cooking and my mom and nani were much into tea cakes. I am a self-learnt baker and passionately put in hours of learning via online videos. I bake under the label of CREMESCHNITTE and it is a pleasure to bake  for birthdays and exclusive celebrations. I love experimenting new ideas which helps me pour out the creative juices. Baking calms and de-stresses me.  Selling my bakes has made me understand commerce, marketing and also to be patient. Trends keep changing and I enjoy the challenge of creating new cakes.”

Wishing Priyanka best wishes as she resumes her training sessions in the following months and goes to play with new vigor and confidence!

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