What to do if your child is being body shamed?

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Prachi Nigam, Class 10 Topper Of UP Board, Gets Brutally Bashed By The  Netizens For Her Facial Hair

When the world gets judgemental, create a safe haven for your precious child.

As grooming is now accessible and available across all cultures and socio-economic status, it is almost a compulsion to look chiselled. But there is a need to wait for the right time. The flak received by Prachi Nigam, topper of UP board is indeed an eye opener – to look deep into our minds and hearts and create a safe society.

Listen to your child :

Acknowledge their feelings of hurt, frustration, or anger in response to the body shaming they’ve experienced.

Reassure Them:

Remind them that everyone is unique and that there is no one “perfect” body type.

Affirm them of their worthiness :

Affirm your child’s worth and value beyond their physical appearance. Highlight their strengths, talents, and positive qualities to boost their self-esteem.

Resilience at all times:

Encourage your child to be resilient in the face of negativity. Let them know that this flak is temporary.

Assertiveness is an important life skill:

Teach your child how to respond assertively to body shaming. Setting boundaries with people who judge is very essential.

Encourage Body Positivity:

Encourage your child to focus on what their body can do rather than how it looks.

Model Healthy Behavior:

Avoid making negative comments about your own appearance or engaging in body shaming behaviors.

Go to a professional :

A counsellor can provide additional guidance and strategies to help your child cope.

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