Unlock fun and creativity with your children.

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Now that a new normal is being accepted, it would be fun to add creativity so that the routine is no more monotonous for work from home parents and kids who are missing the school environment or the outings.

All it takes is proper planning as you engage yourself and kids. There is only one tip and that is creativity. Usually kids will give suggestions and you may adequately help them as a parent. Do not aim for perfection, the idea is fun, laughter and memories that will be forever.

Make a bookmark!

Here are a few ideas :

  1. Make a collage! There are some great online apps that will help you do the same. My personal take is to find old pics, arrange them, click a picture of this assembly. What fun it will be to see the pictures that tell a story of your childs’ milestones or about their grandparent’s journey. Makes good memories and a good birthday gift for the lockdown birthdays.
  2. Children love adventure. Hide a doll, a sock or even an accessory and give them a few clues. The one who finds gets a treat or also a better chore to do. I spy, you spy, we all spy!
  3. Yes, cooking is catching up big time in all homes. Let them do simple mug cakes, guide them and let it have their own work and presentation. Click pictures, make a recipe book and adore them for their inputs.
  4. Find how many clothes you can fold in 5 minutes. Engage them in  a competition and this is a fun way to help them contribute towards chores.
  5. Echo reading. This is good fun and works well with children aged 4-8 years. Read together, lag a bit and let them catch up. This way they feel confident.
  6. Get cousins and relatives on video conferencing to dress up as per a theme. Go elaborate and have a menu too. Harido, hats, props and make much ado about it. 
  7. Make PPT’s together about General knowledge. Get them animated with good titles. Make animal themes, exotic vegetables, climatic conditions or also SCI-Fi movies. Having a parent to this along will improve bonding. Such presentations add to their knowledge, morale and also serve as keepsakes to be readily used when needed in their academics.
  8. Make a poem, turn it into a song. Keep it simple, take help from a friend or cousin if you do not play a musical instrument. 

Create new memories. Unlock your own potential. Add smiles to a DAY! 

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