Self-awareness is a powerful tool for teenagers

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Self-awareness is a powerful tool. This is overwhelming only in the initial stage. While we travel in the journey of life,  filled with hope-anxiety, success-failure, confidence-self doubt, this awareness throws light about us as a wholesome personality.

This reveals what you were, what you are and WHO you want to be? There is no age-criteria for self-awareness ritual but two things are important :

  1. Acceptance
  2. Plan of action

How to go about self-awareness :

  1. A ten-minute meditation early in the morning about your internal and external support system.
  2. Analyze anxiety, if any, with a positive affirmation. Perk up the confidence. Believe in yourself.
  3. Journaling. A free flow of thoughts during the day that highlights positive as well as negative influences.
  4. An action plan to make things happen. Believe in the tomorrow which will bring things to fruition.


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