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A new addition to the family necessitates the need to accommodate and make changes in the parenting style too. Things require sharing, creating physical space, new meal plans and co-operation.

Parents who notice sibling jealousy try their best to create a bond between siblings. But the truth is that bonds are naturally created, it is just that the insecurities need to be addressed, more love to be extended and all this with calmness and positivity.

Feelings need to be acknowledged: Encourage open communication and validate each child’s emotions to help them feel understood.

Equality: Ensure equal treatment and opportunities to prevent feelings of favoritism.

Kindness: Help children understand each other’s perspectives and encourage acts of kindness and consideration.

Each is unique: Emphasize each child’s unique strengths and interests to foster self-confidence and reduce comparison. At the same time, encourage teamwork.

Conflict management : Clear rules help in maintaining boundaries and clear the conflicts.

Time : Make time individually for each child. Also, a parent who has me-time and well rested is able to include positive approach.  

Be a cool parent and enjoy the journey!

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