Goad your child out of the COMFORT zone

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Remember the time when we introduced a new food item every week to our child as we weaned them off breast milk? It was our way of ensuring that they have full life from a full plate. The same thing holds good when they are toddlers and are enchanted by everything anew. But as they grow, they are cautious of trying new things and innovation is not always they favourite cup of tea. A safe zone is what gives them comfort and getting out of it would mean being less popular, they may need to work hard and also giving up on a lot of precious time which was meant for other things.

With growing pressure on academics, body changes, peer pressure and social media induced awareness; they are left with less time in hands. The pressure to perform is self-inflicted and also from external recommendations. Often they would want to continue to maintain the hobby they are good at and not want to try another. For e.g. if they are good at basketball, they keep pursuing the same and if given a choice for table tennis, they would shy away from it. But reality is all about being availing opportunities and it is good to have a multi-talented kid.

Getting out of the comfort zone has many advantages :

  • The confidence level is high.
  • They are more flexible.
  • They are able to confront the conflicts.
  • They are more solution focussed.
  • Problem solving skills is high.
  • Ultimately, the resume looks spruced up.

Dhara Boricha – mother of a teen says, “Sometimes, I explain to her as to why it is important. Sometimes, I ensure the task  has to be completed by her only and no one else can do it. Most of the times, why doing the task or coming out of comfort zone is important.  I then leave the rest to her choice as to how to get it done. Thus, it gives a sense of ownership and responsibility while attempting new things.”

Parents must always encourage a child to take the tough route and let them explore new avenues. The focus is about the journey, what they learn and what they encounter and not always about being the first to reach the summit. During such times, the child may fail to perform, go weak in the knees and also take a break. All this is allowed but with patience, and persuasion, the passion to explore new talents must be urged. This is a very important life skill as cross learning is the focus in every career. This is one of the mantras for success, so goad them out of the COMFORT zone.

Good luck and Let your Light shine!



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