Routine summer outings for the Toddler

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Wow! Your toddler is walking!  Now that he/she has managed to walk a few steps on his/her own, he/she is always seeking out the door. They are quick and fast and understand that the door is another new way that will bring excitement in their life. It is always good to take your child for a little sight seeing at least twice a day even during summers. If you are a working mom, do find a care giver who can take your child for a little walk. One thing to be borne in mind is that toddlers must not exert their legs with long walks. It is absolutely essential to invest in good shoes and socks. Just the right size, not big and never a small one! Shoes must be as per the season, canvas is good for summers and the sneaker variety is perfect when the temperature is low. It is adorable to watch their expressions when you  dress their feet appropriately as they know its time for an outing.

The sweltering heat can be dangerous for the toddler, so it best to choose safe times. If your toddler wakes early, the walk before 8 am is the coolest one. Choose a nearby park or an area where the traffic is less. These areas allow them to explore a bit on their own. A toddlers pram is the best option as carrying a toddler makes them clingy. So, do instruct the caregivers not to carry the child at the slightest need. The bones of a toddler are growing and will grow strong. Do not make them walk much. The idea is to enjoy the fun of a routine everyday outing. If doing errands make sure that you are able to manage the stroller, bags and the money purse. At all times a sling purse or a waist purse suits everybody.

Dress your child in a comfortable cotton attire. Sleeveless cotton shirts and shorts are really cool. Keep the colours pleasant as it adds to the mood. Most strollers come with a shade but if you are walking make it a point to manage a parasol. A few things are essential if you are taking a toddler out for a long time. Do carry a towel, wash cloth, extra diaper, a bit of snack and also water. Liquids are essential if your toddler is not able to bear the heat. Juices too are fine like lime juice, strained carrot juice, a smoothie or plain coconut water. If they are already into sippers, your job is easy.  As the plastic bags are banned, make it a point to carry newspapers for wrapping any refuse. Being well prepared makes it easy for you to manage an emergency situation.

The benefits of an outing are many. It makes them aware of sights and sounds. They learn to greet strangers, helps them in ‘learning and memory’ which is an important milestone for growth. Their gross and motor skills are improved with constant repetitive movements. If you have engaged a caregiver for this routine, it allows them to build autonomy and confidence and there is an awesome way to  reduce separation anxiety if any.

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