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Back to school and parenting

Recently, the  world was agog with online learning. What was scheduled for entertainment was a source of knowledge and education! Yes, the educationists have seen a lot, students and parents too!  Now as students reel from the after effects of excessive screen time and find their way going back to school, parenting too needs a change.

I feel change is now synonymous with adjustment in every aspect and not just pertaining to pandemic influence. The polished school shoes, new sports shoes, neat uniforms and pigtails now make a comeback and bring it with a new emotion. Thus,  there is need to be more sensitive to the emotional needs of children.

Dr Ritu Shah says, “Zenisha has always been very excited to get back to school. As of now I am not facing any issues but once the initial rush and excitement comes down, I am worried the tiredness and physical exertion is going to have its toll.”

A common concern is the above as suddenly there is a flurry of activities, sports, meets and there is fun and excitement. The mantra is to understand the child’s physical as well as mental health well and balance it out. It is equally important for the parent to adhere to time management so that the ferrying, packing and managing chores and career all spans well.

Parents  are now reaching out to counsellors as their children have suddenly dropped their grades, some have given their board exams, juggled with extra classes and evaluations turned to MCQ.  Hobby classes went online. It is distinctly evident that the online platform is not everyone’s’ cup of tea and there have be learning gaps.

Bridging the learning gap is the deep endeavor of all academicians and so also their emotional needs. Some kids have suddenly become withdrawn, do not want to indulge in social connect and some are content watching a movie alone. There are times when the children are struggling with the studies and also some are craving for sports, fitness and dance classes.

Parents to watch out for these signs :

  1. Firstly, parents need to be compassionate towards self. Allow role reversals, ask for help and  practice positive self-talk.
  2. Watch out for excessive tiredness in children.
  3. Is the child avoiding meals or nap time?
  4. Is refusal to do the written homework a new challenge for him/her?
  5. Do you notice General anxiety.
  6. Are there Bouts of crying, loneliness and excessive snacking.
  7. is there refusal to pack the bag, adhere to time table or a missing communication?
  8. Does your child have fear of the unknown?
  9. Is she or he into Discussion about newer pandemic?
  10. Can you sudden bursts of anger?

Adjusting to suit the new schedule is the mantra here. It is quite a mature approach to go to a counsellor and seek help. Happy Parenting!

(Do read my next article(coming soon) for tips to address the back to school transition)

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