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The joy of reading to a child

One of the best way to bond with a child is reading. Reading is different than narration or telling a story. Though story telling comes easily for a parent as an instinct, reading is a wonderful way to prepare the child to like books and begin the quest with words and magic.

Now most parents say that they do not typically enjoy reading themselves, yet they would not realize the amount of time they spend in browsing pages on the internet. The idea is to lead by an example. There is no fixed time to read to a child. For some even a breakfast reading routine works while other kids insist on reading before sleep.

How to read to a child :

  1. Books are meant to be enjoyed. Choose books that are easy, not to heavy and not very voluminous for beginners.
  2. Understand the entire concept before you read to the child.
  3. Use simple books that are not very didactic.
  4. Texture and colors are mandatory ideas of interest to a child.
  5. A mix of books is good so that kids do not get bored.
  6. Read slowly, modulate your voice, become the imaginary character and add fun with the sounds.
  7. During sickness kids may seem pensive and it would be good to read a book that they are already comfortable with.
  8. Just like a meal, kids have a favorite book and would like to repeat the same.
  9. Every book has a meaning but do not insist too hard on learning a vocabulary. Test the child by not explaining a word or two and later use it while you converse.
  10. Be patient. Repetitions, pause, shifting places and sipping water does not mean that the child does not like reading. It is their way of renewing their interest.
  11. Investing in books is a good idea but better still if you could have a book club. That way you may exchange books with likeminded families.
  12. Reading to a toddler helps them to settle longer in a space and place.
  13. Take them to visits to a library. It also inculcates discipline and follow a decorum.

Benefits of reading habits :

There are only benefits of reading to kids. You may read it to them as a routine habit or join a reading class near you for enrichment.

  1. The child shows readiness to read as they progress in school.
  2. Bonding with the parent is better.
  3. General knowledge is enhanced.
  4. Vocabulary expands and they converse well.
  5. This is a prelude for better writing in academics.
  6. A well read child is more confident while mingling in social circles.
  7. This is one sure way to ward off the gadget addiction.
  8. Reading is a good habit.
  9. Books have always been a best friend.

With so many benefits it is advisable to start reading to a toddler. It is never too late to start. Rome was never built in a day. Soon, your child will be an avid reader. Begin today!

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