Make Learning easy using the Feynman Technique.

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What is the Feynman Technique?

The renowned physicist Richard Feynman, believed that if you couldn’t explain a concept simply, you didn’t understand it well enough.

Here it is step-wise

  1. Choose a topic :

Choose a concept or topic you want to memorize and explain it as if you were teaching it to someone who has no prior knowledge. Use simple language and avoid jargon.( or do a self talk of teaching self)

  • Identify Knowledge Gaps:

If a part of the concept is unclear , it highlights a gap in your understanding. Identify these gaps and go back to gain more knowledge.

  • Refine and Simplify:

Refine your concept, narrow down the topic, keep only effective  details and making the information as simple as possible. Simplification aids understanding.

  • Teach Imaginary Student:

Pretend you’re teaching the concept to an imaginary student. This helps solidify your understanding and reinforces the material in your memory.

  • Repeat the Process:

Strengthen the memory and repeat this process to other parts of the concept.

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