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Whatever it is – Is real!

The past year has shown  us that we are resilient, hopeful and have the ability to surmount obstacles. Yes, that’s what this is – a global obstacle – the pandemic. And obstacles are temporary. While cases ebb and rise, it is important to keep our self-esteem upright and also motivate children.

The education system globally is changing and includes a lot of elements that is new to many of us. Online exams, evaluation via performance and events including annual days are being conducted virtually. My mantra is – Let the children ‘avail-accept-enjoy’ whatever is available.

Our children are already exposed to a lot of technology and excessive online hours. Some are unavoidable, whereas others are self-created. I know of many families who have gone back to the original ( read old and real) mode of entertainment with antaksharis, word games, group drawing, pictionary, read-aloud sessions, Ludo and also X and O (zero).

Prem Taparia mentions, “We play ‘Ashtha Chamma’ – an improvised version of Ludo post dinner. There are no silent spectators here as all of us are plotting, planning, winning and super excited. This really helps all of us (my son, nieces, wife and dadi) to unwind and the laughter keeps us positive”.

There is so much positivity with family members chipping in housework without any gender bias or age conflicts. Life skills of the simplest kind are now habitual with chores, cooking and also niche art work or cuisine. This phase is indeed special for children to imbibe the hardwork and diligence as they see their parents working online, sourcing groceries as well as attending PTA meets. 

The Gestalt therapy suggests in the  ‘ Here and Now’ technique. Wherein the present is important, the current situation is real, so let us begin with a little bit of adjustment, lots of hope, creativity, sprucing the house, making space in the mind to clear confusion, to be more grateful, to call people and tell them that you love them, as we accept  the present and look forward for things to improve. 

Add a positive affirmation every day and also let us teach our children to believe that this is a just a phase albeit a long one. The spring flowers are still blooming, the birds are building the nests, fresh seasonal farm produce is still available and soon ALL will LOOK UP for ALL of US.

Till then, take care. 

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