Trust cements a relationship

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Avatar – The way of water has opened new rivulets of parenting. The base of any relationship is trust and equality. It is commonplace that children often try to live upto their parents and at times parents too vicariously live through their children.

Parenting does not come with a manual and  our children are not a project. They are individuals and that needs to be accepted. It was such a gentle insight in the movie when kids flout rules when told a ‘No’. Most times they err to win their parents’ heart and approval. When they are grounded, they await a new phase to prove their mettle.

Undoubtedly, a family is a team. Everyone deserves a chance, to shine, to stay afloat and pursue dreams. It was endearing as Kiri who always lived in self-doubt realises her power and saves her mom and sister. “ Trust me”, she says and her mother believes her. Lo’ak teaches his father ‘The way of water’  during a near fatal crisis and almost brings him back to life and reality.

So, as the year ends, let us take those deep four breaths and plunge into the deep ocean of trust. Sometimes, we can guide our children and at  other times they too can lead the way.


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