Tips to lower exam stress

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Well, it is that time of the year when students are facing one of the highest evaluation. Remember that evaluations will be a continuous feat in a students life. It is a time to learn, unlearn and actively use smarter study techniques. Here are few ways to ease on the stress during any kind of exam stress.

  1. Planning is the key to studying. Do a mock timetable and arrange the question papers just the way as you have for finals. 
  2. Create a formal study area/table and manage a revision paper within the allotted time.
  3. Find out the best way to allocate your time. Add leisure activities too.
  4. Dedicated hours are important. Do not eat and study. Everyday do something you like. A simple hobby like paint, cook or just sitting in the garden.
  5. Ensure concentrating on areas that are your strengths. Do not go easy on it as most times students ignore the competency areas and concentrate only on tough areas during revision.
  6. Avoid unseasonal foods and outside meals for a while. Ensure to be hydrated. 
  7. Address all your health issues. Take supplements only if prescribed by a doctor. 
  8. Always and yes always, sleep is the best way to rejuvenate.
  9. Reduce screen time i.e. mindless browsing.
  10. Avoid eating heavy fat laden foods as they provide calories but also make you sleepy.
  11. Exams does not mean cooping indoors, make time to get up, walk around and go for simple walks. Get some sun and fresh air. 
  12. When in doubt, ‘ASK.’ Talk to your mentor, friend, class teachers and do not heavily depend for online solutions.
  13. For logical subjects like math, you will need to practice everyday even if it is for half an hour. Keep ready lists of formulas. 
  14. Don’t go by looks i.e. do not read question papers, but solve them. Understand the formats for languages, especially essays and letter writing formats. 
  15. Learn the square breathing technique. This helps you to practice it while you are writing the exam.
  16. If worried, talk to your parents or meet up with a counsellor for anxiety issues .
  17. Make time to keep multiple copies of your I card and also stock enough number or writing materials.
  18. Adhere to all rules and regulations mentioned in the paper.
  19. Do not be in a hurry to finish the exam even during mock tests. Read the word limitation, chalk out a rough page and also know the format well in advance.
  20. Timing the paper is a skill practiced during the prelims. 
  21.  During the exam ask for supplements when you have a page and half left. Formalities of signing for supplement might cause a break in your flow of thoughts while writing the paper. (maybe take it as a break to take a deep breath)
  22. Believe in yourself and take in all the emotional and spiritual support you have around you.
  23. Remember YOU are an important person!

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