Self Love watsapp course for parents

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Being a psychologist near borivali opens new vistas about the human mind and the challenges we face. I have conceptualized a watsapp program on ‘ SELF LOVE’.

This is my first watsapp project which is done with lots of research, love and passion.

Do get in touch with me at or

Call or watsapp me at 9820646229, if you wish to avail of the course.

Self love – What is it?

In the journey of life, we seek love. But seldom do we realize that love is always within us. As we fulfill our duties and commitments, we get on the auto-pilot mode. Recreation, entertainment and several other means of comfort are pre planned.

This is a course on watsapp and is designed to realize that self-love is a wonderful way to reach out to yourself  – Your inner self. With self-love comes self-assurance, self-care, self-esteem and self-realization and this is a great way to discover your better SELF that is not dependent on external validation. Self-love is NOT being selfish or narcissistic. It is a reason to live happily, accept and acknowledge your real self and nourish in the goodness of self-love.

Self-Love when practiced continuously becomes a habit and is an excellent way to deal with stress, anxiety and also bolster self-esteem.

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