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 Let us nurture their creativity!

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So this was my story telling class,  Where we did the creative story of the cap seller and the monkeys.

It was a mini batch with just two  students who were highly enthusiastic.

I narrated the story and then decided to  convert it into an enactment.

In a blur, the two cap sellers went all around and  all over the room searching for the caps which were missing from the basket. Luckily, I had a mango basket too. Aren’t impromptu props great?

I instructed them that the were monkeys high up the ceiling and they have  to find a way to get the caps from them. Then it began…. they started speaking aloud, finding a way to climb a tree. Avir aged 5, was acting as if climbing a ladder. I too followed suit.

Meanwhile, Trishka picked a cap ( acting) from the ground and got it towards me.

Following a  cliched script, I said, ‘ Child, the caps are on the trees not on the ground.’

Pat came an answer, ‘ This monkey fell from the tree, so I took his cap.’

Isn’t  this is a marvellous piece of creativity which is present in each child? We follow diktats, rules and almost get inflexible at times. The bright spark and spontaneous logic of this student got me thinking.

Again I will tell the parents, “Let them be, they will find a way.’ Most times they will pave a way and lead us there.”

Let us nurture their creativity and celebrate the pure, beautiful mind

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