Is your child impressed by a celebrity?

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Yes  Mr. Virat Kohli is impressive and impressionable to people of all genre, age and aspirations. Herein, let us also acknowledge the commitment of this person to stay healthy, focussed and determined to stave away distractions. That makes him worthy of his NET worth!

Children usually learn when we enumerate examples and respect their opinions.  When they emulate a celebrity and learn the positive traits from them it is a healthy observation.  

Children at an impressionable phase often see what is superficial. A good form, attitude of the celebrity, his/her branded wear and style. I have heard teenagers  getting impressed by a celebrity’s’ Net worth. While this is picked from social media,  external sources and their elders discussing lives of celebrities, it is of utmost importance that they learn how they achieved this status. 

 Dedication is synonymous to Virat Kohli as he leads  a strict vegan diet. It is not just the money he puts into his diet, fitness and recuperation. It is about staying devoted to a mission, balancing the challenges of a regular life and enjoying it.

“Children always look forward to their idols and try to imitate whatever they do on and off field. As parents we can help them maintain discipline and help them nurture healthy habits from a very young age.We should respect their opinions and help them in understanding how their idols achieved success.

We should help them in taking all positive traits from their idols and inculcating those habits on a day to day basis.” Says Aparna Sudhir – mother of 11 year old Shaurya who is a cricket enthusiast.

There are many such inspirational stories that will help children imbibe values from our home ground stalwarts. 

It is our moral duty as parents, elders and seniors to help children translate what they see and hear into deep understanding. 

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