If you have lemons, make lemonade.

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Much news is afloat about various countries having an economic crisis, lockdown and also a sudden change is seen in lifestyle. In fact, this is one of the best times we can inculcate the virtues of hope, discipline and positivity in our children. The children of today are open to conversation and extremely aware of happenings. In many homes, students are studying hard as exams are ongoing. Yes, there is a lot of stress. But someone rightly said, if you have lemons, make lemonade.

Few tips to stay encouraged and as you stay safe indoor :

  1. Tell children this is just a temporary arrangement. 
  2. Kids who are exam goers, need more emotional support. Refrain from giving them excessive information about the outbreak. 
  3. Work from home parents need to schedule their day well. Kids are happy to see your around.
  4. Take it as a time to bond with your parents and spend time with children and pets.
  5. Ready to print art is not just for kids. Parents may use the same too. It creates an awesome bond.
  6. Shell peas or pomegranates or grate a cucumber and add fun with competitive spirit among siblings .
  7. Summer time is for coolers. Why not learn to make a cooler or a sundae?
  8. Ask kids to stay hygienic, in fact the best way to do it is to make them monitor us.
  9. Take a noon nap, let them watch a movie and also let them video chat with their friends. 
  10. Make a list of relatives and friends you have ignored. You will truly be surprised at the long list. Make video calls, take their blessings, send love.
  11. Support the Government and avoid launches, panic buying and also make do with what is available at home.
  12. Nuclear families and single children do feel a tad bit lonely but this is a great time to bond while you play a lazy game of ‘X and 0’ or a robust UNO.
  13. Discover a new cuisine and ask the children to help you.
  14. This is a unique time to teach them budget and money. Ask them how we can save money. Kids are extremely creative and applaud them for it.
  15. Craft is one the most creative way to unleash talent. This way kids feel very motivated. Look around and make a decoupage, origami or just download a mandala page. The result is awesome.
  16. Go through their old English essays or give them a few sums of Math and make them re-do it.
  17. Half a page writing will improve their handwriting, especially students who are going to use a pen next year. 
  18. Let them learn about geography, our Indian history and also new or extinct species.
  19. At all times do not shame any country, culture or speak negatively about this outbreak in front of children. 

Stay positive, Stay happy!

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