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A smart introduction : Share your name, where you’re from, and a little bit about your interests or hobbies. Hold out your hand and shake hands firm with proper eye contact.

Language Exchange: Always speak the language the other person is comfortable. Smiles are very important. If it’s a native language do translate it well. Tone down the English and keep it simple for effectiveness.

Seek knowledge about their culture :  Everyone loves to be heard about their culture, family and home town. Do ask open ended questions about the same.

Foodie Conversations: Bring out the foodie vibe by discussing meals, share tips and get to know more about food. Organize a small party.

Know the struggle: Bonding is evident when one is vulnerable and shares the struggles especially if adjusting to a new syllabi, foreign land or time table. Student life has a lot of challenges and most times sharing creates a bond.

Make groups : To build strong connections, solidarity and bonding groups are not to be restricted to social media ones. Take initiative to make clubs, study groups and also trekking fun.

Music and art : An exchange of culture via music and art will bring peers under an umbrella. Learn a new art from a peer.

Give and seek information : Make it easy for your peers by sharing information on academics, tutorials, self-help groups for studies, events organized by the university, housing and internship opportunities. Ask and you shall receive.

Sports fun : Find the various indoor as well as outdoor sports available at your university. Form mini groups for hikes, outdoor games and bond well adding fitness your regime.

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