How to motivate your child at a new university to build a social circle?

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Be it home ground or a foreign land, settling-in at an university does need   a few adjustments. Patience is the key and social connections asks for time, energy and perseverance.

Guide them accordingly :

Being aware of self and social goals :  Encourage them to reflect on their current social circle and what they would like to change or improve. What are their goals for expanding their network and why do they want to do it? This self-awareness can provide motivation.

Join clubs and organizations: Suggest joining clubs, organizations, that align their student’s interests. This can help them meet like-minded people who share their hobbies and values.

Attend university events: Encourage attendance at university events, such as sports games, cultural fess , motivational workshops, peer counselling and guest lectures These events provide opportunities to meet new people and connect with fellow students.

Network with professors and advisors: Building relationships with professors and academic advisors can provide valuable mentorship and open doors to academic and career opportunities. This also connects students to organize activities.

Take the initiative: Encourage the student to take the initiative in social situations. This might involve striking up conversations with classmates, inviting peers to study groups, or organizing social gatherings. Your initiate may help so many other students. Drive an initiative, perhaps an academic peer tutoring, study group, art club and find a new haven.

Acknowledge  diversity: Encourage the student to be open to meeting people from different backgrounds, cultures, and majors. Every town, community, religion and social norm is an integral part of growth and a humbling experience.

Connect with social media and online platforms: In addition to in-person interactions, using social media and online platforms can help connect with other students who share similar interests. Many universities have online groups and forums for this purpose. Check the alumni.

Volunteer and community service: Participating in volunteer work and community service can be a great way to meet new people while making a positive impact on the community.

Seek counselling or coaching: If a student is struggling with social anxiety, shyness, or other emotional barriers to expanding their social circle, encourage them to seek counselling or coaching.

Enhance the soft skills : Join public speaking, upgrade your tech skills, creative writing or learn a few soft skills and stay abreast of current affairs.

Sharing – If nothing works this will! Invite friends over, create a safe space for understanding and building trust. Share meals, weekend plans, tech knowledge and notes.

Good luck and make sure you enjoy your Uni days!

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