How to deal with separation anxiety?

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So, the little one is growing and you as a parent are beaming with joy! Is it time for you to return to a job? Is it time for the child to go to a playschool? Is your child experiencing pangs of separation anxiety?

Anxiety for a child is natural. Firstly, it is good that your child is expressing it. There are parents who also feel equally anxious while they are separated from their infant, but adults have stronger coping skills are. Also, do note that anxiety is also a trait that is very infectious. A child can easily model your anxiety. So, as you calm your baby and soothe the concern, stay cool, calm and collected.

Few tips to prepare your child :

  1. Have a trusted caregiver come to your home every week for a few hours. This way the child will get accustomed to a new face.
  2. If you are looking for professional services, do a good check on the day care services including the sanitation, meal rooms, beds as well as staff.
  3. Introduce new range of toys or also books, so that the child is ‘Never’ glued to the screen or expects you to entertain him/her continuously. This can gradually be increased in a few weeks.
  4. It might happen that when a child is sick, there could be a break in such a regime, but it is good to keep trying it all over again
  5. Let us also admit that each child is different and their milestones, likes, dislikes as well as personal routines will differ. Thus, we all need to modulate to create a harmony. No point in stressing yourself and the baby, if your friend’s child finishes her bathroom routine at 8 am while yours is still having her porridge.
  6. Use only positive sentences while soothing the child. However urgent it is, never use negative statements or raise your voice. The trick is never do it alone, always have a caregiver around.
  7. Praise your child well, whenever they have bid you Good bye confidently. Do not wait for a good report from your baby sitter but Go ahead, hug, kiss and appreciate your child.
  8. Before you plan to join work, ensure that the child eats a variety of foods. Thereby, the baby sitter/ caregiver also gets efficient in arranging for the items.
  9. Make time with your child without gadgets! This is of paramount importance. It is sad to see that the child comes to parent with a remote rather than open arms. No gadget can replace unconditional love.
  10. If the tantrums and crying continues, investigate why your child is not happy. Is it a hidden ailment or the day care is not an ideal choice? Look for the reasons and you will find them.
  11. Usually, preschoolers settle in a few months. If not, do take up the concern with a counsellor near you who can give you a few tips in addressing this issue.

At all times, understand that there no quick fixes. Persistence is the key! All you need to do is apply a few skills in cool parenting.  It does take little time and patience. Make sure to cultivate a habit of me-time and this also allows your child to be independent.

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