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Origami or paper folding activity is one easy way to relieve stress and add focus. Several times the mind wavers due to overthinking, monotony and also pressing issues in our personal lives as well as at work. For children origami helps them to concentrate better. 

The title page flowers are created by my 4 year old student Dhruv. A happy mother Shetra says, ” Our 4year old looks forward to the book reading sessions every week, the art and craft activity that follows is pretty interesting specially the origami. He loves the folding of paper and is getting pretty good at it too!”

I personally took a liking to the paper folding activity when my child was just 3 years old and there was a need to do something creative rather than watch the repeat telecast of a cartoon. Initially, I started with a few newspapers and discovered that this was an awesome exercise for developing motor skills. 

I learnt quite a few works with the plethora of options available on youtube and it is still a joy for me to teach it to children of all ages. Origami is almost like meditation as it requires precise folding, gentle and swift motor skills and also firm pressure to aid the fold. The final result is always a sense of accomplishment.

The pandemic has been a teacher and though I do a lot of freehand drawing, I realized that origami is a special craft which also spruced up my makeshift workplace. This has been a good stress buster for me, and I have kept it simple.

It also breaks the monotony which is felt while doing any work. Use it to create, beat a stress, while brainstorming or just add fun to you day.

As I practice, I realize I am extremely mindful for those special minutes. 

Do try and let me know. For me, it is surely a calming technique. 


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