Study Techniques for Kids using NLP

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Studying for students must be a daily routine. With the crucial years approaching, it is vital to invest in quality learning rather than the rudimentary cramming. A bit of co-curricular activities keeps the zest alive for kids during their school days. Each student will have their own study techniques that work. The enumeration in the power point, will not only bolster the confidence of the child but is also useful for parents and teachers to check their progress at-a-glance.

Certain subjects would be their favourite and some would be not. As a parent, delve deep to understand the skills of your child. While it is good to have a time table, too much of rigidity makes it tough for them to adhere to it. With the right amount of time and effort as well as support from the school and parents, children can do amazingly well. Patience and practice are the two mantras for the student as well as the parent.

Here below is the study techniques power point with very simple methodologies learnt via NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming. Do feel free to add your own skills and talents in tweaking the techniques. What works for one child will not work for another. This is elaborated in the VAK slide of the ppt. While children need to reproduce the content in a logical manner, it is of utmost importance to have their own creative juices working while studying.

Use this link to fin ppt on Study techniques using NLP

Things to be ready with ( I sincerely request all of you to recycle paper)

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sketch pens
  • Card paper

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  • Kamakshi your website is amazing. Im sure it’ll be helpful to loads of kids & parents too. Actually because of these guidelines, bond between child & parent will also increase as taking studies will be fun for both. Hoping for regular guidance from you.

  • Good article for studying in a planned manner, esp the do’s and don’ts ! Have put them up in my son’s room

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