Gentle supervision is the need of the hour as children go online big time

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This is a short video on the importance of being with your child while he/she is online.

As they say, Prevention is always better than cure. 

Few tips: 

  • Parental locks are available on android as well as for your computers. Do heed to them wherever and whenever necessary. Installation is easily available online.
  • Be with your child as much as possible.
  • Online viewing to be gently monitored.
  • Bond more with your kids by watching movies, documentaries and games together.
  • Debate on better alternatives to a gadget.
  • If ever they watch, see or view anything inappropriate for their age, do not reprimand harshly. Seek the help of a counsellor and guide them gently.

Counselling is available online.

Kamakshi Gupte at 9820646229  

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