Five parenting concerns on children pursuing studies away from home

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Playing pretend plays and roles with your toddler was so cool! Now is the time when those roles are getting manifested into reality. So, your child has scored the coveted percentage to pursue a course? Congratulations! Are you having mixed feelings? Relax but yes, it is time to accept that she/ he is leaving the nest. This is an inevitable state in parenting and a very important milestone for the entire family.

Five parenting concerns on children pursuing studies away from home

Is he/she serious? – There may be many times you must have seen a conflicting image about your teenagers views on the choice of a career. Though earlier they may have wavered in their decision, now is the crucial time to focus on the goal. It is best to put before them via a healthy discussion that future studies is a very serious matter. At the same time, do not force them to follow your footsteps. They may have different talents. Find out if they are keen about it. Also, career counselling is the best method to help them choose their options via aptitude tests from a reputed institute for future studies program.

Parents Chaitra and Mukund say, “We put Rithika thru career counselling to understand her strengths. Since she wanted to keep both Psychology and Business the choice of college was narrow. So she opted for the university which was away but not too far from home.  She would be independent yet reachable. The decision was hers after weighing pros n cons against universities abroad. We were there to only offer our guidance. The idea was to let her take responsibility for her decisions”.

Will he/she cope? – The reality is far from dreams and that is what your child will soon learn. With freedom comes several personal responsibilities and academic challenges. Will my child be able to cope? This is a common thought that will cross your mind. You must be worried as they are used to ready meals, fresh laundry and your care and concern at all times. Thus, there is a need to build in life skills from a keen age. This helps them to take care of basic necessities and also empowers them.

Is it safe? – This is another worrisome thought and a valid one. Make sure you talk to your child about the events that will come by during these academic years. Good universities have strict discipline and it is wise to educate your child about choosing the right people in their lives. With technology so accessible, it is easy to keep the long distance bond with your child. Check out for the tiniest issue whether it is someone teasing them or a difficult time with peers. Knowing that you are just a call away will calm down both you and your child.

Finance – Being financially wise is essential before embarking on future studies college for your child. Few costs include educational trips, travel costs during vacations, pocket money and entertainment apart from exam fees and course fees.  Parents Vivek and Bharti say, “Ensure that your child understands this investment and inculcate the value for money. If your child wishes to save for a fund, encourage her by all means. We are blessed to know that our daughter is doing well and our second daughter will soon follow her suit.”

Preparing for Empty Nest – The tinge of loneliness will creep in your home for a few days. A new phase in your life is about to begin. Treat it as an opportune time to plan your life towards something you always wanted to pursue. It could be volunteering, signing up for a creative class or a self-improvement course. Stay busy, keep busy and be proud of how well you have traveled in life.

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