Exercises to enhance pencil grip

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Few exercises to enhance pencil grip : 

One of the reasons for children who are reluctant to write is poor pencil grip. A good grip gives the wrist and palm the agility to hold the pencil well, move it and also adapt as per the need to do a formation. In fact, this should be done as a regular exercise for all children. A good handwriting is not just about aesthetics as per graphology but it is about having a well rounded personality. Once a strong grip is established the children find it is easy to imbibe the writing skills.

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Few exercises to enhance pencil grip : 

  1. Wring a wet (not dripping towel).
  2. Crunch newspapers balls.
  3. Take a tweezer and allow the child to pick coriander seeds or small beans.
  4. Turn coins and spread it on a table.
  5. Peeling is also a great exercise for fingers e.g. peel garlic, peanuts or peas.
  6. String beads or even pasta.
  7. Mix beans with rice and separate it.
  8. Sticking activity or quilling ( rolling).

A set of 2 or 4 activities to be done at at time so that children maintain interest in the same.

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