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Counselling is not a sign of weakness!!! As I talk to so many clients who dismissed going to a counsellor to air their problems, I realized that most people were not comfortable sharing their problems and often deemed counselling as a sign of weakness. But would we not check into a hospital when it is imperative? Would we not trust a doctor to cure us of our problems. Here are few myths about counselling.
#Myth 1 Everyone will know.
#Myth 2 No, There is no problem with me. Others see it like this.
#Myth 3 But, I have #friends who help me.
#Myth 4 My family secrets will be out.
#Myth 5 I have just One problem.
#Myth 6 Self diagnosis – It is not serious, just a temporary feeling and low mood.
#Myth 7 Mental health issue? Go to a counselor? I am NOT mad!!!

Counselling is a therapy, the more you talk to a trusted counselor, the problems are expressed. Bottling emotions leads to a dissatisfied life. If you are looking for a psychologist in borivali, mumbai you can call me on 9820646229. Life is precious and it is worth a try to express and heal yourself! Do not delay.

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