After the baby shower

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Congratulations ! Hope the baby shower was great? So, the time is nearing and you find yourself being emotional? Your brain is multi-tasking, but the heart is yearning to hold the new born. Ah! Too many things to do, yet this is the time to relax. Brace yourself for the future, as much awaits you in terms of fulfillment, happiness and learning.

The feeling slowly envelopes you, that life is about to change. For a few years from now, your posts may not be about TGIF or a weekend party. By now you must have received so much advice about birthing, new born parenting dilemmas and struggle stories from the autobiographies of your relatives and friends; but you must know that ‘Parenting’ is a very subjective and personal experience.

Your challenges and moments of joy will be a unique learning experience. Thus, learn from others, but do not compare yourself with another mother. This you may start now, so please do not compare your third trimester bump with another mom-to-be. We are all endowed with different body types, threshold level for pain, parenting ideas and also personal ambitions. The bottom line is be ‘you’!

Parenting starts the moment you conceive and the responsibility begins at the same time. So planning is the key. Take care of yourself by looking for care givers, support at home, a dedicated helper and heed the advice of your gynecologist. Once these things are in place, with the help of your spouse and with your own motherly instincts you will sail through easily.  Also, remember that broken sleep happens ONLY if your child is not sleeping overnight. It is not a generalization. But all of it settles down in about 2-3 months.

Find ways to unwind for e.g. be it a book, some kind of art work, quilling, soulful music or reading up a cookery book. It is a myth that new moms are all spent and tired. If it is well managed, parenting begins with a zest and continues with a lot of happiness. For now, just be yourself, rest, go for the walk around the block, chat with a friend, accept help from the family and fall in love again with your spouse .


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